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I am a sofware developer in my senior year completing a degree in
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the Universtiy of California, Berkeley.

I am constantly striving to learn new software development techniques,
and I spend much of my free time writing software or learing new skills.

I am actively searching full-time/internship offers for Summer/Fall 2017.
If you gotta try {contacting me...} catch (em...) {here} all!


To fork a PDF resume, click here.


University of California, Berkeley

BS Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Berkeley, CA | 2015 - expected Dec 2017

Laney College

AS Mathematics | AS Computer Sciences

Department GPA: 4.0 | Oakland, CA | 2012 - 2015


Research Assistant / Software Developer

Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS)

UC Berkeley | Sep 2016 – Present

- Works with the BIDS Machine Shop team to develop the Python 2D plotting library Matplotlib, which produces publication quality figures in different formats and interactive environments across platforms.- Implements new algorithms, fixes bugs and enhances the overall package.

Software Engineer

Sankara Eye Foundation

Milpitas, CA | Sep 2016 – Present

- Develops a visual experience for donors in SEF’s current SaaS web app.- Develops Wall of Founders, Donor Management System and SEF social channel.- Provides highly engaging UI solution.

Software Engineer Intern

Rakuten USA

San Mateo, CA | May 2016 - Sep 2016

- Worked with the Mobile Ecosystem Team to develop the Content Delivery Platform, which helps mobile developers to quickly update app content.- Developed a prototype Cordova app with embedded Microsoft Code Push.- Set up an integration testing workflow with WebDriverIO, Mocha and Chai.- Wrote CI bash script for integration with Microsoft Azure’s services.- Developed a mock-up version of Super Point Screen, with options to toggle between slider-view vs grid-view, implement lazy-loading and infinite-scrolling.

Software Engineer Extern


Palo Alto | Spring Break 2016

- Learned about software development collaboration tools and testing techniques.


Mountain View | Winter Break 2016

- Developed a photoregister web app for consumers to submit a photo or enter a code which will redirect them to their destination.

Academic Intern

EECS Department, UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA | Fall 2016

- Assisted 30+ students through labs and assignments in CS61A - a course on Structure and Interpretation of Computer Science.- Debug, answer questions, and explain Unix commands and concepts in Python and Scheme to ensure maximum learning.

Math Tutor/TA

Laney College

Fall 2013 - Spring 2015

- Tutored math for 40+ students in lectures, one-to-one and group tutoring.- Helped instructors manage lectures and explained in-class problem sets.- Explained concepts, guided students through online lab assignments.



Proficient (Java, Python), Intermediate (C, C++, Assembly (MIPS), Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, JSON, AngularJS, Node.js), Familiar (Swift, SQL, Scheme, Shell/Bash, NumPy)


Git, Sublime Text, Vim, Xcode, MARS, Eclipse, NetBeans, IDLE, iPython, Visual Studio

Operating System

Mac OS, Unix and Windows


UI/UX (Adobe Creative Suite), Video (Final Cut Pro), Audio (Logic Pro X, Cubase, Pro Tools)


Some programming projects that I simply pick!

  • Gitlet

    A version control system called Gitlet that mimicked some of the features of the popular version-control system Git.

  • Web Apps

    Some web applications that I developed including: (1) Gratitude Journal, (2) Steve Jobs Quiz, (3) VR Cafe

  • Semi-Autonomous Car

    The car recognizes 4 different voice commands: move forward, slow down, turn left, and turn right

  • CPU Design

    Designed a basic 32-bit two-cycle processor in Logisim to run machine code outputs from MARS