My name is Nathan Pham, a software developer based in the Bay Area CA, passionate about web and mobile development, entrepreneurship and design.

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Software Engineer Intern


San Francisco, CA | Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

- Intern on the Adobe Creative Cloud SDK team.

Research Assistant

Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS)

UC Berkeley | Sep 2016 – Present

- Works with the BIDS Machine Shop team to develop the Python 2D plotting library Matplotlib, which produces publication quality figures in different formats and interactive environments across platforms.- Implements new algorithms, fixes bugs and enhances the overall package.

Software Engineer Intern


San Mateo, CA | May 2016 - Sep 2016

Worked with the Mobile Ecosystem Team to develop the Content Delivery Platform, which helps mobile developers to quickly update app content.- Developed a prototype Cordova app with embedded Microsoft Code Push.- Set up an integration testing workflow with WebDriverIO, Mocha and Chai.- Wrote CI bash script for integration with Microsoft Azure’s services.- Developed a mock-up version of Super Point Screen, with options to toggle between slider-view vs grid-view, implement lazy-loading and infinite-scrolling.

Math Tutor/TA

Laney College

Oakland, CA | Fall 2013 - Spring 2015

- Tutored math for 40+ students in lectures, one-to-one and group tutoring.- Helped instructors manage lectures and explained in-class problem sets.- Explained concepts, guided students through online lab assignments.



Lenbo is a marketplace that lets people lend and borrow items with ease, knowing that they are able to trust lender and borrower.

Wall of Founders

- Built a Rails web application for Sankara Eye Foundation that helped its donors to review, edit and share their dedications. - Developed donor management system, consent collection form, searching/sorting data, social media sharing and an engaging UI.


- Used cryptographic hash function SHA-1, Java’s serialization, I/O and Collections classes to build a mimic version of Git . - Implemented 15+ commands that support backups of directories/files, restore backup, maintain branches and merge changes

Semi-Autonomous Car

The car recognizes 4 different voice commands: move forward, slow down, turn left, and turn right.

Gratitude Journal

A web application where users can post their daily gratitudes either publicly or privately to support their friends and live happier lives. Develop using Ruby, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ruby on Rails.

VR Cafe

A Web Experiment with A-Frame.js that bring VR experience to the web. The app idea is using VR as a new way to interact with customers and to promote the company products and services by calling its API. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js.